La Nuit Scriabin perfume set Sonata No.7 White mass, No.9 Black mass, and No.10 Insects

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Perfume of three late piano sonatas by Russian composer Alexander Scriabin: No. 7 White Mass, No. 9 Black Mass and No. 10 Insects. The set includes three eau de parfums of each piece (10 mL each), a booklet with reading material on Scriabin and a CD containing historical recordings of Scriabin.

The fragrance was perfumed by Sari, who runs 'With Kahori'. Scriabin's sound world, which aimed for ecstasy, is the ultimate in ecstasy and sensuality. We asked Sari to listen to three pieces and arrange them into a colourful world of incense that transcends the human world.
The booklet includes interviews with pianists who play Scriabin in Japan and abroad, such as Alexander Gajev, Kotaro Fukuma and Tomoki Sakata, commentaries by Scriabin researchers, the relationship between jazz and Scriabin by Naruyoshi Kikuchi, and by CLASSICUS, a famous record shop in Jimbocho. Includes a selection of Scriabin's masterpieces by CLASSICUS, a famous record shop in Jimbocho. The line-up includes readings by a total of 20 Scriabin lovers.

The CD is a collaboration with the music label Sakuraphon, which reissues out-of-copyright SPs and LPs on CD. This valuable disc also includes performances by Scriabin himself.

Sonata No. 7 White Mass.
Top note: bergamot, middle note: sage, cyst rose, last note: myrrh.
Dazzling light overflowing from citrus fruits. Essences evoking "white" lead to fresh enlightenment. The floating sensation as if flying between the clouds of the cyst rose. Sage, myrrh and other fragrances used in local prayers connect heaven and earth. The sexiness and danger that stand out faintly in the beautiful notes. The fragrance and the passage of time release people from matter.

Sonata No. 9, Black Mass.
Top notes: none; middle notes: amaryllis, labdanum; last notes: vetiver.
In contrast to the White Mass, this is by far the most disturbing fragrance. The lost top is unsettling, like the descending theme at the beginning of the piece. Labdanum, which has gone from schist rose to evil. The base is supported by the dark aroma of vetiver. The last crawls on the skin like a song that never leaves your ears and lingers in your instincts. Like a black spell, the changes and reverberations carve a mysterious reverberation on the skin.

... Sonata No. 10 Insects.
Top note: grapefruit, middle note: cedarwood, several spices, last note: benzoin.
Warm sunlight shining into nature. Flowers and trees connect the sun and insects. The soil is rich, the plants and trees are lush and insects are flying around. The sun's bounty of citrus fruits and the spices such as cardamom and laurel that grow there are like the insects' activities. Insects are the caress of the sun, the manifestation of love. The last is sweet at times with benzoin (benzoin). Welcome to a world of brilliant light and love.

[Booklet Contents in Japamese. 
Introduction: 150th anniversary of Scriabin's birth.
Sonatas No. 7 White Mass, No. 9 Black Mass and No. 10 Scent of Insects by Yasuko Nohara.
Interview with Alexander Gadjev on the Symmetrical Scriabin.
Interview with Koutaro Fukuma: Flight, Ecstasy and Sensuality
A completely new form of "Hōetsu", revealed through synaesthesia with fragrance Naruyoshi Kikuchi
Interview with Chihiro Yamanaka
Interview with Tomoki Sakata
Chitose Okashiro: Innovative composer and madman obsessed with Theosophy.
Interview with Mami Nishio
Interview with Fumiya Koido
Theosophy and Scriabin Akinao Yamamoto
Interview with Anna Oziro: My favourite is Sonata No. 6
Synesthesia and the Dream of Unity: The Case of Scriabin's Prometheus - Yasuko Nohara
Interview with Dmitry Masreev on the enigma that is Scriabin
Interview with Eva Gevorgyan, revolutionary and philosopher
Interview with Shima Okui
Scriabin and Japan - Yasuko Nohara
Interview with Shion Ota
The Silver Age and Scriabin Akinao Yamamoto
Interview with Maria Lettberg
Scriabin's influence on future generations
Interview with Mikhail Rudy
21 masterpieces of Scriabin's late period CDs & LPs CLASSICUS
Interview with Nikolai Demidenko
Scriabin's historical recordings by Hisao Natsume
Scriabin: Ecstatic historical recordings Tracklist

CD tracklist]
1. Katherine Ruth Hayman, Sonata No. 10 Insects.
2-3 Samuel Jaffe, "Poem Towards the Flame", Sonata No. 9 "Black Mass". 4.
4. senia prochorova, "Exercise Op.42-5".
5. robert Kolnman, Sonata No. 7 White Mass
6-8. Alexander Scriabin, Desire, Poem Op.32-1, Practice Op.8-12

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