Scriabin “Sonata No.9 Messe noir” eau de parfum 30mL

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Eau de Parfum of La Nuit parfum 30 mL, inspired by the Black Mass, Piano Sonata No. 9 by Alexandre Scriabin.

Top notes: none; middle notes: amaryllis, labdanum; last notes: vetiver.

In contrast to White Mass, this fragrance is overwhelmingly unsettling. The lost top is unsettling, like the descending theme at the beginning of the piece. Labdanum, which has gone from cyst rose to evil. The base is supported by the dark aroma of vetiver. The last crawls on the skin like a song that never leaves your ears and lingers in your instincts. Like a black spell, the changes and reverberations carve a mysterious reverberation on the skin.

Preparation: Sari.
Size: 11.7 x 3.5 x 3.5 cm
Country of origin: Japan

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