Ravel Le Gibet scented candle, La Nuit parfum

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La Nuit Parfum's perfume from Ravel's 'Le Gibet', the first song from Gaspard de la Nuit, has been transformed into a special scented candle.

The fragrance, created by Kan Izumi, has been transformed into a candle by the candle brand VIA818 in Okinawa-prefecture, led by Misaki Kuwae. Using naturally derived wax and black marble vessels, each luxurious item is individually handcrafted by her.

Le Gibet is Woody, a piece that depicts a corpse hanging from an execution table on a silent night. The metallic feel of human skin, blood, and dust on the way to the gallows: ...... Kan Izumi, an artist living on Awaji Island, will recreate "Le Gibet" in the following notes.

Top: Leather, Middle: Elemi, Last: Cedarwood

Scent creation: Kan Izumi
Candle production: Misaki Kuwae (VIA818)
Capacity: 400 g
Burning time: approx. 80 hours.
Made in Japan
Can be used as a stand-alone vessel after combustion is complete.

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