Scriabin “Sonata No.7 Messe blanche” eau de parfum 30mL

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La Nuit parfum Eau de Parfum 30 mL, inspired by the White Mass, Piano Sonata No. 7 by Alexandre Scriabin.

Top note: bergamot, middle note: sage, cyst rose, last note: myrrh.

Dazzling light overflowing from citrus fruits. Essences that evoke "white", leading to a fresh enlightenment. The floating sensation as if flying between the clouds of the cyst rose. Sage, myrrh and other fragrances used in local prayers connect heaven and earth. The sexiness and danger that stand out faintly in the beautiful notes. The fragrance and the passage of time release people from matter.

Preparation: Sari.
Size: 11.7 x 3.5 x 3.5 cm
Country of origin: Japan


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