La Nuit Scriabin ‘Vers la Flamme’ scented candle

$81 yen

A scented candle inspired by Russian composer Alexander Scriabin's late piano work 'Vers la Flamme'.

The music, composed using Scriabin's unique compositional techniques and mystical chords, evokes the image of a single candle that gradually increases and finally becomes a dazzling sun. Scriabin dreamt of the end of the world and used this piece to describe the earth being burnt to ashes.

The perfume was prepared by Sari, who presides over the "Kahori to tomoni," means "With the fragrance". The perfume is made from shiranui, a fruit native to Kumamoto Prefecture Japan, known as the Land of Fire. It evokes fire and light with its bright citrus. Along with the burning flame, essential fragrances such as ylang-ylang, palo santo and patchouli waft sweetly, leading the fragrant moment to a state of ecstasy.

Read the QR code on the back sticker to open the 'Vers la flamme' playlist on Spotify.

Capacity: 190 g.
Burning time: approx. 40 hours.
Box size: 10 x 10 x 10 cm
Made in Japan

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